HELLCAT // 11.10 // Lille, Fr

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Maybe yes, but what about your bike ;)


Yeah, it's now official, 2010 HELLCAT will stay as usual in november, but this year 11th is unavaillable ...

So come on every body, save the date :

13th & 14th nov. 2010


The menu:

Cobbles flavoured backcoutry alleycat

Street contest with mixed brick an concrete spots

Wild night with relay race

Bike polo tournament with northern an belgian beers


All those delicatessen bring to you by MC Lajalousie

It will be a great event, even if it's rainy.


  2 month before Lajal's HELL OF NORTH.

Don't forget to register :

Alleycat hotn@hellcat-alleycat.net

Street Contest street@hellcat-alleycat.net

Polo hbpt@hellcat-alleycat.net

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